Sweet Dreams the Halloween Experience at Rizzo’s

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Celebrate October in spooktacular style with our 20,000 square-foot indoor outdoor Halloween Experience.  It’s just To Die For! Muah ha haaaa
This fanciful nightmare come to life, is a creepy fragment of a macabre world; where 20 classic horror movies all collide. From Elm Street to Silent Hill and from Killer Klowns to Zombie Land…this vibrant collusion of fun and fright will keep you entertained every inch of the way!  Freddy, Jason, Leatherface, and IT…will all be joining us and we promise to produce some of the most epic Halloween scenes and social moments ever!  So get those cameras ready!  This one of a kind Halloween pop-up will be a scream for all ages
We never know what 2022 will bring, so we want you all to know…
This is a rain, shine, snow, or zombie apocalypse type of event!!!
 Prices increase at the door and quantities are limited per day
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