Hugh Lee’s Cabrini Album Release Concert

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Duff Entertainment & Cubby Bear Wrigleyville present the Hugh Lee Album Release Party w/ Leo w3ST, Tre-O Crazy, and Chai Tulani!

Sat, Jan 11
$10 ADV/$12 DOS

Hugh Lee
The Emmy nominated rapper is the next break through story teller of this generation, Hugh Lee is easily set to make his mark on today’s music scene.
His stories transcribe into something lyrically genius. Hugh effortlessly makes his audience feel a deep connection, through his music, to a life they may or may not have lived before. Hugh Lee’s sophomore mixtape “Cabrini” tells the story of a teenager growing up in the projects of Chicago. The project includes singles “Graduation” and “Cabrini.” Listeners should be prepared to take an audible cinematic journey with Hugh on this first act of his career.
Hugh Lee was born and raised in the west side of Chicago. Hugh experienced first hand what it’s like living in poverty with family members who used drugs as an escape from their harsh reality. Although there was hardship, Hugh does not like to reflect on his city as a torn war zone. He chooses to remind himself of the community that was there for him during those tough times, the block parties, the candy ladies, juke jams and skating rinks. Now Hugh reflects on his past (the good and the bad) to paint the well told story of his trying youth through his music.

Leo w3ST
The Creative Process of Leo w3ST, an up an coming artist from Chicago who’s original and unique sound differs him from other artist of today.
inspired by the music of today and the past w3ST gives rhythm, lyricism, feeling and melodic tunes as he flows through tracks. With more than 30 show performances there are two that stand out the most being an opener for King Louie and the most Recent House of blues performance. w3ST continues to set a trail of his own as he pursues his music career being a independent artist

Tre-O Crazy
From the westside of South Bend, IN, Tre-O Crazy brings a taste of his definition of midwest into his music with a vast perspective of life in each song. He spares no effort in his journey to become the greatest as he rises to the spotlight.

Chai Tulani
Chai Tulani was born in Nakuru Kenya and raised in Chicago IL. Though Tulani moved to the states at only four years old.
His culture remains one of the main ingredients in his music. Known for his raspy but soulful voice, Tulani creates a wide variety of music merging genres like reggae, soul, Afro beat and hip hop.

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