DecibelCrawl Festival Presents: Lyn Rye & Marcus Montgomery @ Uncommon Ground

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Sunday, September 22, 8-10pm | BUY PASSES
DecibelCrawl is a local festival dedicated to giving POC, LGBTQ Folx, and Women a platform to truly express themselves. At Uncommon Ground two musicians, who could very well be called healers in their right, share an intimate listening experience for the mind, body, and soul. 

Lyn Rye is a solo project that is never alone. Lyn Rye is embedded in a rootnet of musicians and activists who believe in radical interdependence. Lyn Rye is an unapologetic post-genre, post-gender millennial. Lyn Rye is the product of the least segregated generation in American history. Lyn Rye drives a Subaru. Lyn Rye is a settler on Turtle Island. Lyn Rye whispers the shahadah. Lyn Rye agrees that true revolutionaries do the dishes. Lyn Rye has never been more in love with the world. Lyn Rye wants to write the songs you listen to with the last remaining battery of your speaker as you and your friends squat in the vacant lot on 67th street making sure the alderman doesn’t evict your free community-led mental health clinic. Lyn Rye knows, with hardship comes ease.

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